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Sun reform energy pvt ltd (S R ENERGY) was founded in Jaipur with a focus on developing solar as sustainable energy alternative in India. Our energy solutions are viable both in the near term and over the longer term providing maximum energy as well as financial incentives for our customers. Today stellar Energy is one of the leading sustainable energy solutions provider in the country.

With S R ENERGY, you settle for a secure project: We are your EPC specialist who, with a "one-stop solution" strategy, is ready to assume responsibility for your entire project, including engineering, procurement and construction. We guarantee a consistently high level of quality, compliance to all schedules, and optimal system performance. As part of an Operation and Maintenance Contract, we can also ensure a smooth operation of the system over the complete lifespan.

S R ENERGY is a team of thoroughly professional and entrepreneurial individuals who have diversified expertise covering various aspects of solar PV. We have an in-house expertise that covers all technology, market and finance related aspects of solar PV in India. Our extensive network of industry eprofessionals, experts and government officials help us track the market in real time. We are knowledge driven, analytical and output oriented. S R ENERGY has successfully provided intelligence, business consulting, project development services and strategic planning to several large Indian and international clients.


Reduce the installed cost of renewable energy through innovative design and methodical execution.


Make solar energy an economically feasible energy alternative.


Sangram is Electronics engineer from a well reputed university of india and has a 5 years work experience with a US based company in designing system for off grid and on grid system and also MBA in Operations and Research management. He is passionate about Solar Energy and envisions it to take a lead in Renewable Energy sources in India and across the world.

Azad is MSC in IT and is widely recognized as a subject matter expert in power sector and shares the vision of a catalyzing solar energy market. Has about 7 years experience in marketing section and has management skills to lead and motivate a team.

Kushal is MECHANICAL ENGINEER from PTU and had a keen knowledge on designing of system through autocad ,3D designing . And also MBA in Operations and Research management.

Anand has worked for more than five years in financing industry in various functions over wide geographies, and holds a MBA degree. Azad believes in the potential of solar energy to provide cleaner fuel to the world and lower the dependency on conventional sources. He works towards tackling one of the biggest challenges solar energy projects face – financing.